Easily connect your entire organization in one communications solution that’s secure and headache-free. Effectively onboard new users to RingCentral using Active Directory as the corporate directory during provisioning. RingCentral for Okta leverages Okta’s Active Directory integration to provide Enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO), automated user provisioning, profile updates, and de-provisioning for all your users.

Benefits of RingCentral for Okta:

  • Your RingCentral phone numbers are effortlessly synced to Okta enabled apps.
  • Active Directory credentials efficiently and securely provide access to RingCentral.
  • Automated user provisioning, profile updates and de-provisioning provide convenient administration.

RingCentral for Okta FAQs:

What do I need to use RingCentral for Okta?

RingCentral for Okta is available for free for all RingCentral Office® Premium and Ultimate editions. You must also be an Okta subscriber. You can contact RingCentral Customer Support to have this app enabled for your account.

What is the process for integrating Active Directory with RingCentral?

There are three core steps in the process:

  1. Set up the integration between Okta and RingCentral.
  2. Set up your Active Directory integration and provisioning rules with Okta.
  3. Set up the custom attribute mappings between Active Directory and Okta, as well as between Okta and RingCentral.