RingCentral Office

RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud

Sales agents get a boost in efficiency when Oracle® Sales Cloud combines with fast, reliable RingCentral service.

RingCentral for Oracle Cloud Integration

RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud Benefits:

A low-maintenance tool your IT department can easily support.

  • Provide integrated enterprise-grade communications with no software or hardware to install, maintain, or upgrade.
  • Deploy on day one—no need for time-consuming customizations, professional services support, or middleware.
  • Provision multiple sales agents with a single cloud connector.

Enhanced efficiency frees up sales agents to focus on customer interactions.

  • Access the CRM database and phone service in one place. Sales agents no longer waste valuable time juggling multiple open apps with a customer waiting on the line.
  • Reduce effort and potential errors. Click-to-dial phone numbers help sales agents save time and repetitive effort, and prevent misdials when making calls.
  • Enable sales agents to work wherever they’re needed, with just a browser. Calls started in Oracle Sales Cloud are easily directed to a desk phone, mobile device, or RingCentral for Desktop without disruption.

Enable sales agents to increase productivity while offering the personal touch. They can:

  • Answer incoming calls directly from within Oracle Sales Cloud, with everything in one window.
  • Identify callers instantly and match them to existing contacts in the database.
  • Provide more meaningful and personalized conversations by referring to the contact profile that displays immediately.
  • Record and save new customer details during the call, reducing errors and double-work.
  • Add notes and reminders conveniently in the Wrap Up Tasks window after the call.

Oracle Sales Cloud Integration FAQs:

How does the RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud app work?

  • The app runs in each Oracle Sales Cloud account, and uses integrated RingCentral phone service for dialing and call handling. Agents can call customers from within Oracle Sales Cloud by clicking on the phone number listed in their contacts list. For incoming calls, the app automatically displays matching contact names and their past activities.

How do agents make outbound calls from Oracle Sales Cloud?

  • Agents can find the contact they want and click-to-dial any phone number shown on the screen to start a call.

How do agents enable their RingCentral service in their Oracle Sales Cloud account?

  • Once your IT administrator does the initial setup for the company, agents can log in to their Oracle Sales Cloud account, and select RingCentral as the Connector. As soon as the Connector status changes to Available, the agents can start making and answering calls.

Who can use the RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud app?

  • The app is available to all RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate customers.

What are the requirements for using RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud?

  • You must have an Oracle Sales Cloud account and a RingCentral account.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows® XP or later, or Mac OS X® Mountain Lion or later.
  • Supported browsers: Chrome™ 30 and above, Firefox® 25 and above, Safari® 6.0.5 and above, and Internet Explorer® 11 and above.