Frequently Asked Questions

What is RingCentral Meetings?

RingCentral Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that lets you instantly meet and collaborate with anyone globally from any device.

With RingCentral Meetings, you can enjoy quality and efficient business communications from one reliable service, including HD video conferencing, content sharing, and team messaging. It is easy to set up, use, and manage.

Which platforms support RingCentral Meetings?

RingCentral Meetings runs on Mac®, Windows® and Chrome™ computers as well as iOS® and Android™ mobile devices. Only the host requires a RingCentral Meetings account. Participants can easily join a meeting via a link or by entering a meeting ID.

How many participants can be in a meeting?

RingCentral Meetings offers video meetings and screen sharing for up to 100 participants. With the free version, sessions are limited to 40 minutes. RingCentral Meetings Essentials™ and Advanced™ plans have unlimited session times. All participants have full capability in video, group chats, and content sharing.

Does RingCentral Meetings work with telepresence systems?

RingCentral Meetings offers add-ons that enable you to start and join meetings from telepresence systems.

RingCentral Rooms™ is a cloud-based telepresence solution without proprietary hardware. You can use your preference of off-the-shelf equipment (e.g. Mac mini®, iPad®, camera, AV system, or TV). Simply connect them with standard USB and HDMI ports and control your meetings from an iPad controller through Wi-Fi to enjoy HD in-room meeting experience.

If you already have on-premises telepresence equipment in place, RingCentral Room Connector™ allows you to connect any of your standard H.323/SIP endpoints to RingCentral Meetings. You can instantly meet and collaborate with any remote meeting participants.

How do I start an online meeting from a RingCentral Meetings app?

Once you have the RingCentral Meetings app installed on either your computer, laptop or mobile device, launch the app from your device any time, anywhere.

From the RingCentral Meetings desktop app: Click on the “Start with Video” icon if you want to start a video meeting. Select “Start without Video” if you want to screen share only, then select a screen, an app, or whiteboard. Connect your meeting audio by either using the computer audio or dialing in to a conference bridge.

From the RingCentral Meetings mobile app: Tap “Meet Now” from the interface, then select the option to start your meeting with video or without video. Use the app’s audio or dial in on a phone.

What audio options do I have when I use the RingCentral Meetings app on a computer?

RingCentral Meetings offers several convenient methods to let you join a meeting’s audio.

  • Computer audio: This option connects you to meeting audio by using your computer’s speaker and microphone.
  • Phone audio: You can use a phone to dial in to a conference, which is recommended for optimum audio quality.
  • Call Me: when you have this feature enabled, you can enter your phone number and have the host call you directly without entering a meeting ID. This feature is currently for opt-in only for Essentials and Advanced tiers.
What audio options do I have when I use my mobile device to join a RingCentral Meeting?

There are two options to choose from. The “Dial In” option allows you to use your carrier service (mobile minutes), and the “Call via Device Audio” option allows you to use VoIP service. (When Wi-Fi is not available, your phone’s data will be used.)

Is RingCentral Meetings integrated with calendars?

Yes. RingCentral Meetings is integrated with Microsoft Outlook®, Google, and iCal® calendars. When you schedule a meeting from your RingCentral Meetings app, you can add the meeting events directly to all these calendars.

In addition, we offer the RingCentral Meeting plugin for Microsoft Outlook to both Mac and Windows® users. A user can start or schedule a meeting directly from within Microsoft Outlook.

Can I schedule a meeting from the RingCentral Meetings app?

Yes, RingCentral Meetings provides you with the flexibility to schedule meetings from the desktop and mobile apps. Simply select the “Schedule” icon and select the desired options to schedule your meeting.

How can I get the RingCentral Meetings plugin for Microsoft Outlook?

The RingCentral Meetings plugin for Microsoft Outlook is available for download at:

After you install the plugin, restart your Microsoft Outlook. You will see RingCentral Meetings icons in the menu. You can start or schedule a RingCentral meeting by clicking on these icons within Microsoft Outlook.

If I schedule a meeting with the RingCentral Meetings plugin, will the meeting be listed in the RingCentral Meetings meeting list?

Yes. The RingCentral Meetings plugin is seamlessly integrated within the RingCentral cloud. Your meetings scheduled via Meetings plugin will instantly sync with your Meetings desktop app and mobile app.

What is the user experience for someone I invite to a meeting?

Participants do not need to have a RingCentral account in order to join a meeting. However, downloading a RingCentral Meetings app is required. They can run the app on the device of their choice—Mac or Windows computer, iPhone® or iPad, or Android tablet or mobile phone.

Participant can click on the meeting invitations they receive to join RingCentral Meetings. They have options to use the device audio or simply dial in. They can collaborate with other participants by sharing screens, files, or using a whiteboard for an open agenda.

Are there any restrictions on who can join my meetings?

Anyone can join your meetings. Participants do not need to be RingCentral customers to join a meeting. Your participants can also join from a video-conferencing-enabled room via RingCentral Rooms or RingCentral Room Connector.

Can I record my meetings?

Yes. The host can record online meetings on a Windows or Mac computer for later review or sharing. The host can also grant permission to any participant to record the meeting.

What kind of screen share option does RingCentral Meetings offer?

RingCentral offers flexible sharing options.

If you want to screen share from your RingCentral Meetings desktop app, you can choose to share your computer screen, any open app, or whiteboard, as well as your iPad or iPhone screen via AirPlay®.

If you want to screen share from your RingCentral Meetings mobile app, you can choose to share a photo, a file from cloud storage, a web page, or a document. If you use an iPad, you have an additional option to share a whiteboard.

Users can share any file or provide a link via the chat windows.

Can I share a video file in a RingCentral Meeting?

Yes. When you share a video from your Meetings desktop app, make sure the option “Share computer sound” is enabled, so other participants can hear the audio.

Does RingCentral Meetings have reporting capabilities?

Yes, both admins and users have the capability to view meeting usage.

An admin is able to view company-wide daily usage, individual users’ usage, and an inactive user list.

A user can view his/her own meeting usage, including each meeting’s start time, end time, duration, and participants. This feature is available on the Essentials and Advanced tiers of RingCentral Meetings.

Does RingCentral Meetings support Single Sign-on?

Yes. Single Sign-on is available for the Essentials and Advanced tiers of RingCentral Meetings.

Do you support SVC in RingCentral Meetings’ video codecs?

Yes, we support H.264 SVC.

What video resolutions do you support on the devices?

RingCentral Meetings supports 720p HD-ready video resolutions.

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