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Cdn 24 monthly per user*
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Unlimited 1 to 1 Meetings
Unlimited number of meetings
Host group meetings
with up to 100 participants
40-min meeting limit
Unlimited meeting duration
Unlimited meeting duration
HD video/voice
Join by phone
Desktop and application sharing
Simultaneous screen share
Private and group in-meeting chat
Glip® team messaging and collaboration
Team messaging and collaboration features include:
  • Unlimited posts
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited integrations
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Integration with Outlook®:
one-click scheduling
Join meetings from computers, mobile,
telephone, and room systems
Local recording (*MP4 and M4A)
Secure meetings (*secure web access
(HTTPS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Phone support
Schedule Meetings for Me
Single Sign-on
Call Me/Call Out
1,000 min per user
2,500 min per user
Glip advanced team messaging
and collaboration
Advanced team messaging and collaboration
features include:
  • User invite controls
  • File sharing controls
  • Data retention policies
  • Compliance exports
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Dashboard with real-time reporting
Available SLA


Host controls
HD video & HD voice (RingCentral
Meetings only)
Remote control support
User management
Active speaker & full screen view
Custom personal Meeting ID
Company & user-level Meetings settings
Join by telephone dial-in



Engage up to
1,000 attadees
in dynamic live events.

Large Meetings

Collaborate at the highest
capacity with up to
500 participants.

RingCentral Rooms™

Equip your conference
rooms with simple,
off-the-shelf hardware.

RingCentral Room Connector™

Integrate your existing video
conferencing equipment
with the cloud solution.

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