PC Incoming Call Notification

Incoming call notifications allow you to integrate with a local windows PC application or an external website when a call comes in.

To enable this option, install Softphone. Log in to your account and select Softphone from the Tools menu.

In your Softphone, go to the Menu located at the top right of the interface -> Options, then click on the Calls category on the left.

  • To enable integration for all calls, click the first Launch another application or a URL checkbox.
  • To enable integration for only calls that match a contact entry, click the 2nd Launch another application or URL box that is under the Search for caller in address book. When caller found:

integration for all calls

Once you click to enable it, you can click Customize to configure Softphone options. In the execute command box you can enter a local path or a URL. The Browse button can also be used to select a local app. Depending on how you build your app, you can pass the appropriate parameters by using the % arguments shown below.

For example:

  • To open a webpage and pass it an argument called number which is the number of the person calling you would enter:
  • To call a local app with the phone number and full name of the caller (if available) you would enter c:\myapp\ myapp.exe %P %N

integration for all calls