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At RingCentral, quality of service lies at the heart of all our of architecture and technology decisions. In fact, every aspect of our platform has been designed to provide your company with the highest-quality business communications possible. RingCentral experts help tailor and fine-tune our solutions to match your specific network environment, and our robust reporting dashboard allows you to actively monitor your phone system's call quality performance.

Global private backbone

RingCentral offers a truly global unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution, capable of supporting your organization no matter where you do business. We provide connectivity through a private backbone that’s independent of local providers or telco operators and offer local access numbers in countries worldwide.

RingCentral ensures quality of service by connecting users through a global private backbone

Direct Connect service

To enable the ultimate in quality of service (QoS), RingCentral can help your business connect directly to our cloud by provisioning a Direct Connect circuit.

RingCentral Direct Connect circuit provisioning enables outstanding QoS

HD media

To consistently deliver the highest HD quality possible, RingCentral utilizes the well-regarded Opus Interactive codec for audio and video, as well as the G.722 codec for audio.

RingCentral relies on G.722 codec for HD quality audio

QoS-enabled routers

To help maximize your quality of service experience, RingCentral can provide guidance in selecting the most optimal equipment for your network.

View recommended routers

Select the best QoS-enabled router for your network with RingCentral

RingCentral Professional Services

From planning and design to dedicated project management and on-site implementation services, our Professional Services staff can help you set up, integrate, tailor, and extend your RingCentral service to meet your specific business needs. Our site preparedness guidelines help to get you up and running quickly by ensuring your network environment is properly configured to utilize our platform.

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RingCentral Professional Services helps clients set up, integrate, tailor, and extend its technology to meet business needs

Quality of service (QoS) reports

Access key operational quality of service metrics in near real time to monitor your phone system's global health and accurately diagnose call quality issues impacting your users. Our powerful reporting dashboard provides you the visibility to proactively address potential problems affecting call quality and to troubleshoot those issues at a granular level.

Quality of service (QoS) reports

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