Jim Dvorkin

Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement

Jim Dvorkin is Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement at RingCentral. He is responsible for the company’s customer engagement and contact center technologies. 
Jim has spent more than 20 years in operational and engineering roles. Prior to joining RingCentral Jim was a COO at Mirantis, a leading provider of open source private cloud management technology. Jim was also CTO at Five9, a market leading cloud-based contact center company where Jim was managing engineering, data center operations, customer support, and implementation.
Prior to that, Jim held several key roles including at Salesforce.com, where Jim started their call center initiative, EchoPass [acquired by Genesys] - a leading provider of hosted call center solutions based on Genesys call center technologies, and HipBone [acquired by Kana] - a hosted web collaboration company, where he led the effort to deliver the solution to Fortune 100 clients.
Before joining HipBone, Jim co-founded one of the first on-demand call center companies – WhitePJ [acquired by Contactual] - where Jim was responsible for building and operating the technology.
Jim holds a masters degree of economics and computer science from State University of Lithuania and fluently speaks Russian, Lithuanian, and English.