RingCentral Office


Make one-way announcements over IP phones and overhead paging devices.

RingCentral VoIP Paging

Feature benefits:

Quickly ping colleagues in any location, in real-time

  • Make one-way announcements from your desk phone, or mobile phone (with VoIP turned on)
  • Commonly used in retail or warehouse environments, or any organization with multiple departments or floors
  • Just Plug & Page™: No complicated installation or configuration required
  • 100% SIP digital devices compatible. No additional cost for installing additional converters
  • Create, add, or modify paging groups anywhere, at anytime
  • Reach any colleague in any office location


What is a Paging Only group?

  • A Paging Only group is a collection of paging devices and/or desk phones that can receive a paging call. A Paging Only group also allows real-time announcements to be made to multiple desk phones and/or overhead paging devices. Typically, a paging group is designed to maintain communications coverage in certain areas of a building (e.g. “Warehouse” or “2nd Floor”). Paging Only groups have an assigned extension, but cannot receive or originate voice calls.

Is there any additional cost to add this feature?

  • No. This feature is included for free in all Office Editions. Currently, Entrepreneur Edition does not support this feature.

Which RingCentral service supports Paging feature?

  • Paging is supported by all RingCentral Office Editions.

What desk phone models support Paging feature?

  • Paging is supported by all RingCentral phone models:

    Polycom: IP 321, IP 335, IP 550, IP 650, VVX 311, VVX 411, and VVX 501
    Cisco: SPA303, SPA508, and SPA-525G2

What overhead paging devices support Paging feature?

  • RingCentral Office supports native SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) paging devices. The following models are supported:

    CyberData V2 Celling speakers (for indoor)
    CyberData V2 Paging amplifiers (for outdoor)

Can I purchase these overhead paging devices from RingCentral?

  • No. RingCentral currently does not provide overhead devices or installation services. Paging devices can be sourced from Telecom / VoIP equipment resellers, and often these resellers can also assist with installation.

Can Paging be used on RingCentral Mobile Apps or Softphone?

  • Your mobile devices and Softphone cannot receive pages. Paging feature is only available on desk phones and supported paging devices. However, you can page a group from mobile devices and Softphone by dialing DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling) code *84 and a paging group number.
  • Note:You need to enable the VoIP Calling mode on your mobile device in order to use Paging.

What is difference between Paging and Intercom?

  • Paging is a one-way broadcast to one or multiple devices/users. Intercom is peer-to-peer, two-way communication between two devices/users.