RingCentral Office™

Extensions Details

When callers dial your RingCentral number, they will be directed to extensions and mailboxes that you can create and configure. You can transfer callers to different extensions, which can be assigned to employees and departments disbursed around the country—and the world.

All extensions include full featured fax and voicemail functionality. You can receive messages in your email inbox and online account, and you can listen to your voicemail over the phone. RingCentral will send alerts to you to new messages through our patented Softphone tool that pops up on your desktop. You can also get alerted via text messages on your cell phone.

Extensions can also be configured to leave specific announcements (such as real estate listing information for specific properties) or take messages only.

RingCentral’s flexible extension structure allows you to configure your system to act just like an expensive, Fortune 500 company system.

RingCentral Office
Your RingCentral Extensions are only one of many features included with your Small Business Communications System. You can begin by using only your Extensions and start using additional features as your business needs require. The richness of RingCentral’s business communication features gives you the competitive edge you need to grow your business.