RingCentral Office™

Music on Hold Details

When customers dial your main number, they will hear a customized recording or default greeting that prompts them to dial an extension.

As the caller is routed to a department, employee(s), outside office or your alternate phone per your system set up, the caller will hear the music you have chosen.
Don’t like music on hold? You can also choose to have callers hear only ring tones on hold. You can also play periodic company announcements, such a specials, sales, or new information.

All the messages and music you play to the caller help brand your company and help give you that professional, big-company impression you seek.

RingCentral Office
RingCentral Music on Hold is only one of many features included with your virtual phone system. You can begin by using only Music on Hold and start using additional features as your business needs require. The richness of RingCentral business communication features gives you the competitive edge you need to grow your business.