RingCentral Office

Phone extension

Your RingCentral phone system is based in the cloud, so you have a great deal of flexibility when creating phone number extensions for departments and individuals across devices and locations.

RingCentral Phone Extensions

Benefits of Phone Extensions:

Flexible features that can be customized to your needs:

  • Benefit from advanced voicemail with email notifications and custom greetings, internet fax, answering rules, advanced call forwarding, and real-time call management with your RingCentral softphone on each phone extension.
  • Use extensions to play announcements, eliminating the need to answer the phone for commonly requested information, such as hours of operation.
  • Edit, add, or remove phone extensions at any time. There’s no need for special training, expensive specialists, or to pull IT off other projects.

Create the appearance of a larger, sophisticated organization with virtual phone extensions:

  • Assign phone extensions to connect multiple office locations, including remote employees, under one system and unite your local and distributed teams.
  • Provide as many departments as needed for your business, regardless of the number of your employees.
  • Add employees to multiple departments, giving each their own number with answering rules, voicemail, and on-hold experience.

Support large telephone deployments with our enterprise dial plan:

  • Replicate existing on-premises dial plans in your cloud PBX, so users can keep the phone extensions they are familiar with.
  • Increase maximum phone number extension length to up to eight digits.
  • Enable outbound call prefix (e.g., dial 9 before placing an outbound call), so users can easily distinguish between internal and external numbers.
  • Configure a wide range of site codes and short extensions for streamlined inter-site dialing.
  • Quickly configure the company-wide plan offline using a template.